Singapore Mental Health Film Festival 2019 | WORKSHOP: Primal: Breath


Primal: Breath
by Sharda Harrison — Pink Gajah Theatre

In this one hour workshop, we will focus on your breath, mind and body connection.

We will explore the interconnections of breath and movement, and how it brings our minds and bodies back into the present moment.

What to wear
Loose clothing

Maximum number of participants

About Pink Gajah Theatre
Our theatre focuses on the unconventional. Hence our name - Pink Gajah - a play on the white elephant in the room. We enjoy putting up subjects on stage which are not often thought about by mass society.

Pink Gajah believes in the potency of theatre-making. At the theatre, people gather, stop, and soak in a show. For an hour or two, the audience is suspended in time as they bear witness to a performance. They may take home messages or lessons that change their lives forever, or maybe they wouldn't. Either way, theatre is cathartic, healing and meditative.

At Pink Gajah, we hope to trigger thought and emotion in our audiences in order for them to think about deep issues and subjects.

A Pink Gajah work is always questioning, always questing. We are on a journey to examine the deeper emotional and intellectual issues insociety, and tell stories that move humanity at its core. The heart of our work is the social structure of a human being: the way we interact with society and the environment. Our priority is not to entertain you. Our priority is to resonate.

About Sharda Harrison
Sharda runs her own theatre and education company, Pink Gajah Theatre which she founded in 2013. She has been nominated numerous times as best supporting actress at the life! Theatre awards and is part of the winning ensemble of Wild Rice’s ‘Hotel’.



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SMHFF is crafted by The Breathe Movement – a social enterprise that utilises the philosophies of yoga to enable individuals to reconnect to themselves.
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